Fiddle Game, by Richard A. Thompson
Fiddle Game
Poisoned Pen Press
January 15, 2008
ISBN-10: 1590584554
ISBN-13: 978-1590584552

Herman Jackson has chosen St. Paul as his place of permanent exile from Detroit, where his former life as a bookie got too hot to hold. Now he leads a respectable, low-profile life as a bail bondsman, selling second chances to losers and looking over his shoulder. When a young woman named Amy Cox leaves Jackson a priceless antique violin as security for her brotherís bail bond, itís really the beginning of an elaborate con game. But the game is barely underway when she is brutally murdered in front of Jacksonís office. And for reasons that make no sense, the police are calling him the prime suspect. That is, unless he gives them the violin ďas evidence.Ē With his criminal past, Jackson canít afford to be a prime suspect for jaywalking. But neither is he prepared to give in to extortion. Soon he is on the road and on the run, trying to solve Amy Coxís murder, pursued by one real and one crooked cop, a band of urban Gypsies who claim to have first rights to the violin, and an unknown killer who also wants Jackson dead. Nobody is who he claims to be, nothing is what it seems, and the violin, which is reputed to carry a 400-year-old curse, begins to take on a life of its own. While Jackson tries to sort it all out, the killing continues, and suddenly his old life back in Detroit doesnít look so dangerous at all.

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On the day of the first killing, it rained. Not an easy rain, but the kind of endless, pounding deluge that makes people wonder if they really did throw out that old boat catalog, and if not, whether it listed any arks. Personally, I gave up looking for arks a long time ago, the wooden ones or any other kind...

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